Sunday, May 6, 2012

Quilting Along with Leah - Week 16 - Zippling

The latest Leah Day assignment is zippling. It is done in a similar fashion to stippling, but without any curved lines, just straight lines and angles. I tried and tried to work out the design first with pencil and paper, but it eluded me. So, I opted to skip mastering drawing out zippling and to go directly to the sewing machine. In order to ease my panic I opted to have fun with fabric and thread.

Close-up of Zippling Showing Off the Aurofil Variegated Thread

I purposefully selected black fabric and a lovely glossy Aurofil variegated thread in jewel tones. Much to my elated surprise I had no problem zippling when I attempted it at the machine. If sharp angles and straight lines make sense for a quilt, zippling will be my choice.

I did zipple in rows. I found it more difficult to hide my rows with zippling than with stippling. I can detect channels between several of the rows.

Full View of Zippling Showing Gaps in Rows


  1. Oh those thread colors look so terrific on the black~ very nice Gwyned ~ thanks for sharing :)

    1. Nothing like black to make brights truly pop.

  2. I see the channels, but it still looks great! I don't know why, but I have been putting off trying this design. It scares me a little bit. Maybe tomorrow. Your's looks pretty cool, reminds me of hieroglyphics.:)

  3. I hadn't thought of hieroglyphics, but I see it. Quilts with an Egyptian theme were quite the rage about 15 years ago. May it is time do one and use zippling as the filler stitch.

  4. Love your quilting, great thread choice. I think you only see "channels" because your looking for them. I don't think it would ever be noticed on a quilt.

  5. That Aurofil looks SO cool on the black fabric. I agree with Pat - the channels are only noticeable when looking for them.

  6. The perfect match-up: black fabric, Aurofil variegated and zippling! Superb! The phrase "like a duck to water" comes to me. You have definitely taken right to that pattern.

  7. I do have a tendency to scrutinize my work. It is easy to find flaws when you know where to look. But I also want ti figure out what works and what doesn't for any given quilting pattern. Sometimes what appears as a flaw at first glance can be used to an advantage if looked at differently. There may be a time when channels would make a great accent. :)

  8. I am rather fond of that Aurofil thread. It has a wonderful sheen and I love how short the variegation lengths are. As for the channels, I'm not thrilled by them. However, you can never tell, there may be a time when channels could be an asset.