Friday, December 28, 2012

Quilting Along with Leah Day - A Year in Review

Sometimes a picture says it all. What follows are images, one from each month of quilting along with Leah and five more images of the quilts I made between assignments. If you click on the first image you should be able to see all 17 as a slide show.

Thank you, Leah for a fabulous year of lessons. You are the best!

January - Stippling varying scales in channels

February - Using varying scales of stippling to help a design element stand out

March - Starting a small whole cloth quilt

April - Sharp stippling

May - Zippling incorporates sharp angles and straight lines

June - the basics of Circuit Board

July - using starch and freezer paper templates to turn over the edges of labels

August - auditioning quilting patterns with pencil first

September - Lava Paisley, one of several pivoting designs

October - Flowing lines with pockets of pivoting paisley

November - Large, larger and largest scale of flower

December - Overlapping hearts that weren't overlapped. :)

Hibiscus Haven - my original design

Marvels of the Deep - a tweaked pattern made for my granddaughter

Tree Serenade - Note every section except the tree was cut from a practice piece
made executing a Leah Day assignment. It was assembled using the Quilt As You Go
method that was taught by Leah.

Seagulls on Parade - a tweaked pattern made for my first grand niece.

Beach Stroll - my original design.


  1. I really like your 'Beach Stroll' quilt. Well done!

  2. The February piece is so cute and, I think, my fave! Leah's students have certainly "done her proud"!!! And you rank right up at the top for sure! Happy New Year!!! Hugs, D

    1. I'm partial to the February piece, too. I wish I had the imagination to come up with the tricycle with star hubs. The design is by Hari Walner's.