Friday, February 8, 2013

Week in Review 2013 - 02/08

This photo is the inspiration for my newest WIP - Reflection.
It was taken early in the winter when the lake that borders our
condo had frozen and then started to thaw. The canada geese
are standing on ice coated with a thin film of water. This photo
like and photos of my work are taken by my husband, Dana Eagles.
This week has felt like one step forward and two steps back. I did make progress, but much of the week was spent on experimenting, rejecting the experiments or only being able to take them so far because I needed supplies that I don't keep on hand.

Once again, my plans and what got accomplished diverged. Here is how it went:

1) Shore's Edge (Absolute deadline March 21, 2013)

Let the experimentation begin! Testing whether eyelash yarn
trapped in Angelina Fibers will make a good sea spray.

a) Finish the beading on the beach panel. - Done!

b) Start adding a scattering of beads to the foam and ocean to indicate bits of foam and spray. - Done, BUT I am thinking of removing them and starting over. I felt the foam was too static as pieced and the crystal and cream beads just didn't look like spray to me. So, what I decided to do was play with adding more movement and sparkle to the foam by using Angelina Fibers. It took multiple attempts of playing with the amount of fiber to use and what to entrap within the fibers before I was satisfied. I don't want to stitch the Angelina Fiber creation in place, because I don't want to add much more stitching to the area or have stitching show. I thought that by scattering beads across the Angelina Fiber spray this would secure and enhance it. It really doesn't do either well. So I am waiting for some Steam a Seam Lite to arrive so I can fuse the Angelina Fiber creation in place then add beads more as droplets than fasteners.

Calla Lilly is bound
and the sleeve added.

2) Pictorial Painting

a) Quilt the Calla Lily practice piece. - Done!

b) Bind it. - Done!

c) Make and attach the hanging sleeve and label - Half done. The sleeve is on, but I haven't created or stitched on a label.

Detail to show the quilting used.
3) Express Your Love

The "Boomerang" rays are the two that run from lower
left to upper right. One Concentric Circle ray starts at the
Goddess's neck and its partner faces it.

a) Finish the final ray I plan to quilt using the Boomerang stitch. - Done!

A closer look in order to better see the quilting.

b) Do whatever assignment Leah comes up with next. - Done! The assignment was an old design updated called Concentric Circles. I had lots of fun with this one.

4) Reflection (Absolute deadline April 23, 2013)

a) Determine how to best add the geese to the quilt. - Started experimenting, but still am pretty clueless about how I should proceed. For now I am just letting ideas percolate and testing this or that.

I selected a section of the image to play with.
Next I printed on fabric. Finally I enhanced the
image with paint, based on what I am learning
in the Pictorial Painting class.

b) Start adding the geese. - I may never add the geese to the original background. I am still at the playing phase.

With so much in flux this is how I see the week ending on Friday, February 15th shaping up:

1) Shore's Edge (Absolute deadline March 21, 2013)

a) Fuse the sea spray (Angelina Fiber creation) to the quilt.

b) Start adding a scattering of beads to the foam and ocean to indicate bits of foam and spray.

2) Pictorial Painting

a) Add the label to the Calla Lily piece.

b) Watch the introduction for the second and final project in the class.

c) Gather the materials together to begin the final project.

3) Express Your Love

a) Do whatever assignment Leah comes up with next. - Done!

4) Reflection (Absolute deadline April 23, 2013)

a) Continue to experiment with painting the geese.

b) Develop a way to incorporate the painted geese into an artwork that references but does not replicate the original photo that is its catalyst.

Tips, Techniques and Philosophy:

If you are curious to learn more about Angelina Fibers or just need a refresher course, this YouTube clip of Ellen Anne Eddy should get you started on your quest.


  1. Goodness you have so many awesome projects. :) Everything looks so beautiful!!

    1. Thank you. I find working on several projects allows for flexibility and maintains many of skills through out the week.

  2. I think the angelina looks great. I love watching these projects grow and change over time.

    What thread did you use on the pink/purple section of Express Your Love? It looks like a variegated thread and gives the circles a lot of dimension and movement.

    1. Nice to hear that the Angelina is effective.

      The thread you are asking about is a Superior variegated thread from the King Tut line. It is the line designed by Hollis Chatelain. I use it with Superior's Bottom Line thread in my bobbin for most of my machine quilting.

  3. Looking great! Those little bead clusters must have taken a LOT of patience to look so natural. I really like the two colours you've chosen for the rays of Express Your Love.

    1. Those little bead clusters just flow naturally. I really don't plan them. I bead and do other hand work at the end of the afternoon. It is a good way to wind down.

  4. Such a talented lady. Your work is inspirational.

  5. So beautiful! I love the geese and can't wait to see where you go with them.

  6. Thank you, Kelly. I'm rather curious what I will come up with myself.