Friday, November 21, 2014

Week in Review 2014 - 11/21

Isn't this a lush palette? I love the energy of it. The
artist is my 3 1/2 year old grandson, Ben. 
Tips, Thoughts, and Techniques:

Move over Tortoise, the Hare is up from her nap and raring to go. Normally, I see myself as the tortoise from Aesop's Fables. I am a steady plodder who ultimately reaches her destination. This pace allows me to take in the scenery. I thrive under this way of being. Every once and a while I need to prod myself  into a faster pace. This has been one of those weeks as I determinedly make my way to the finish line. I am not there yet but if I can maintain my pace for just one more day I should be.
The back side of my sister's quilt. It is
a commercial, lush flannel that looks
hand dyed. If you click on the image
you should be able to tell that 100% of
the quilting is done.

1) Night Vision - (Due January 1, 2015) - Chose to ignore in order to achieve a more pressing goal.

a) Finish the quilting
b) Blind stitch the frog in place
c) Square up the quilt

2) Free motion quilting practice. - Done!
The idea was to create a front and back
page. I opted to make two separate pages.

This week I tried out a series of free motion quilting motifs involving hearts for my sister's quilt. I normally quilt intensely with the biggest gaps between stitch lines being approximately 1/4". However, intense stitching is not appropriate for a comfort quilt since the quilt will loose its softness and pliability. I pushed myself to achieve a midscale with gaps ranging from 1/4" to close 1 1/2" depending on where elements of the motif fell.

3) LifeBook 2014 - Do the assignments. - Done!

I think I am finally getting the hanging
of adding text to my mixed media pages.
With so few assignments left in my LifeBook journey I have decided not to invest in any more mixed media supplies just so I can do an assignment. This means I am having to improvise. This has proven to be a good thing for me. The more I stray from the supplies used by the teacher, the more naturally I stumble upon solutions that emphasize my voice versus hers. Doesn't the ballet dancer have quilt potential? I love the layers and dimension of this piece. 

4) Surprise for my sister (Due November 24) 

This is where 90% of my focus went this week. I don't believe I have ever pulled together a quilt so quickly. I spent many hours auditioning quilting motifs and ultimately settled for a hearts and spirals pattern. I wanted to convey my love for my sister and give her solid hugs of compassion. She begins her chemo on December 1st. I'll share the front of the quilt after my sister receives it. I don't want to ruin her surprise.

a) Start the quilting - Done! It took me two days to do 100% of the quilting. 
b) Square up the quilt - Done!
c) Bind the quilt - Half done.
d) Add the label - Not yet.

A close up of the spirals and hearts motif I chose to
quilt my sister's chemo quilt with.
Next week I hope to be back to Tortoise mode, since if all goes as planned my sister's quilt will have shipped. I do have many more exciting quilting journey's coming up, including my first solo exhibition that kicks off with an artist reception on December 6. I'll post more on that soon. I have other projects to focus on, too. Here is the plan for next week:

1) Night Vision - (Due January 1, 2015)

a) Finish the quilting
b) Blind stitch the frog in place
c) Square up the quilt

2) Free motion quilting practice.

3) LifeBook 2014 - Do the assignments

4) Surprise for my sister (Due November 24)

a) Finish binding the quilt
b) Add the label
c) Ship the quilt

I am now linking up to two blogs on Fridays. The first is Nina Marie's Off the Wall Fridays and the second is Free Motion Mavericks.


  1. Thanks for sharing your process! Your lettering use is very effective indeed. Isn't childrens' artwork free and wonderful?!

  2. The dancer piece is stunning......all the mixed media techniques have been pulled together so successfully!!!

  3. Hello Gwyned,

    Lovely to see that the quilt for your sister will be finished on time. I'm sure she will be delighted with it.

    Ben's work is gorgeous. So often little children mix all the colours on the page into a big brown splodge. He must be your star pupil.

    Thank you for linking up with Free Motion Mavericks.

    Love, Muv