Friday, November 25, 2016

Week in Review 2016 - 11/25

Tips, Thoughts and Techniques:

"Freedom from Want"
by Norman Rockwell
It is common place to diminish our own accomplishments while looking enviously and admiringly on other's achievements and accolades. It is only a small step from there to "why bother?" My mother's words spoken to me more frequently than I would like to admit, ring true, "comparisons are odious." I might rephrase that to comparisons are poisonous. 

We celebrated Thanksgiving at our home yesterday. I imagined others around the States doing the same. In my mind every home contained a Norman Rockwell perfect scene. Has there ever been a Thanksgiving feast to match or rival this one, from perfect turkey to conviviality? We chose to stay home versus travel 1,200 miles to be with family. We hosted another couple - she is vegan. We did the best we could and it was good enough. 

Each Friday, I type up my blog, share my own accomplishments, and link to several other blogs and Facebook groups. This gives me the opportunity to see what my fellow artists are up to. Wow, are they talented and so, so accomplished with international teaching circuits, multiple published books, and sharing which of the works have sold or won awards. It is so tempting to compare myself with these luminaries and feel lacking. 

I've started to piece the
background for Where
Have All the Flowers
My goal is to
maintain a '60s feel.
This OpArt design is
a good beginning.
What truly matters? What do I have to be thankful for? Quite a bit, really. I will zip past health, family and friends, all of that is a given. What matters to me, is I get great satisfaction from the creative process and enjoy sharing my delight with others. One accomplishment I am very proud of is being selected as the Featured Artist on the online gallery, Light Space & Time. I believe I am the first fiber artist ever selected for this honor. 

One thing is clear, there would be no accomplishments if I didn't do the work. How fortunate doing the work is one of my favorite pastimes. Even with a shortened week I managed to do the following:

1)  Attach a sleeve to Siren's Song - Not Yet

2) Free motion quilting practice - None

3) Do some surface design work - Done

4) Complete the design for my next piece - Done

My day just doesn't feel complete unless
I take an hour or so to do some hand
embroidery. This week I had fun learning
the Alternate Chain Stitch. That is
the partially completed section to the
far right. It requires two different threads
through one needle. Since I opted to
use similar variegated threads it isn't always
easy to tell that the chain links are alternating.
You will just have to trust me.
5) Beware of when I find myself shutting down and find a way to stay open. - Done

The choice to host a vegan for Thanksgiving presented a challenge. Part of me felt like tossing in the towel with a "not my problem" attitude. Instead of shutting down or ignoring the situation, I opted to go a recipe hunt. A delicious and surprising discovery were zucchini chips. These were deemed "better than potato chips" by my vegan friend. I agree. 

The holidays are looming and I have plans to travel some next week, so time in the studio will be precious. I will make time and when I get the spare minute this is what I plan to focus on:

1)  Attach a sleeve to Siren's Song

2) Free motion quilting practice

3) Do some surface design work

4) Continue piecing Where Have All the Flowers Gone?

5) Beware of when I find myself shutting down and find a way to stay open.

I am now linking up to two blogs on Fridays. The first is Nina Marie's Off the Wall Fridays and the second is Free Motion Mavericks.


  1. I'm glad to see you embraced the challenge for a vegan thanksgiving. I am a meat eater but think it would be fun to try something different for one meal anyway. If your vegan guest is a friend she or he will understand if it all doesn't come out perfect but would appreciate the effort.

  2. I find I am truly grateful that I am able to make the quilts or wall hangings I make. However limited I am (I feel so limited when I see some other's work), I feel so blessed by the goddess of beauty that I can contribute in some small way. I don't consider myself an artist but rather a craftsman who loves what she does.

  3. Kudos on your being a featured artist. Of course I checked it out and you look terrific.

  4. You should definitely be proud of all that you accomplish - so happy that you had the honor of being a featured artist. There were quite a few years when my husband and I celebrated holidays on our own - we treasured that we were both together and have wonderful memories. I am sure you will always remember this Thanksgiving on your own.