Friday, January 4, 2013


The "beach" portion of Shore's Edge in process.

Scattered is the best word to describe how I feel about my work at the moment. I've recently started three different projects.

1) I am making the second work in what I plan on being a series of art based on shells and the beach. This one is titled Shore's Edge. It will be my entry for an exhibition with Fiber Revolution. The exhibition's title is Breadth. The due date is April 1st. I'm feeling pressured. There is SO much more to do on this quilt and I have another quilt I want to make with a May 1st deadline which will be equally time consuming.

I finished thread painting the oyster shells and began the intense free motion quilting on the beach panel of Shore's Edge. The panel is 21"H and 50"W.

Detail from Shore's Edge Beach Panel
I trace the design on Solvy as a guide for my thread painting.

2) I signed up to take Annette Kennedy's class on I tried my hand at Blocking, Whisping and creating a line with a shadow/depression as part of my Pictorial Painting class. With zero training in painting I am starting woefully behind.  I was disappointed with my first attempt, so I repeated the exercise. I don't have an image from the second session. One of the great things about knowing nothing is there is a lot of room for improvement and my improvement from session one to session two is quite noticeable.

Blocking, Whisping and creating lines - take 1
Boy do I have a lot to learn!

3) I am determined tackle the projects and assignments posted by Leah Day. Leah has been working on a series of goddess themed quilts. She is currently working on one titled "Express Your Love" and I, along with others will be following in her wake. So, far all I have managed to do is print out the pattern and select the fabric I plan to quilt it on.

Why, you might ask am I tackling extra projects when I clearly feel pressure to produce quilts for the professional exhibition groups I belong to? The answer is multifaceted. Practice improves my current skills and provides me with new skills. I also appreciate the opportunity to quilt without the pressure of having to produce exhibition caliber work of my own design. I may feel scatter, but I thrive on the diversity.


  1. HI Gwyned, I like your shells, and I think your painting is a good start! I don't know what mind will look like yet, but I'll be happy if it's similar to yours. I also signed up for Annette's Craftsy class, but I haven't gotten supplies yet.

    I'm just getting up to speed in the new year with new quilt projects, including Leah's quilt along.

    1. Locating the brushes recommended for Pictorial Painting was much more difficult and pricey than I imagined. I chose to get only the necessary ones. I eventually bought the brushes on-line through an seller on Amazon.

      I haven't figured out a way to "follow along with others" on Craftsy the way we can with Leah. I miss the sense of community and shared journey.

  2. Yes, this describes where I am at at the moment. I need to do some serious piecing first so might have to start the Goddess quilt some time later. For the moment I feel a tad overwhelmed.

    1. Some many quilting opportunities; so little time. You and I may be "a tad overwhelmed" but look at all we blew through last year. It only whetted my appetite for more.

  3. Love the shells! That's going to be a beautiful piece.

    1. Thank you, Pamelyn. I'm rather looking forward to seeing how it all comes together. Unlike Leah, I rarely plan out my quilt in detail with line drawings. What emerges is as much a surprise to me as to those who follow my journey.