Friday, May 10, 2013

Week in Review 2013 - 05/10

"Adoration" after it was pieced, but before it was painted.

What was I thinking? Clearly I wasn’t thinking because I didn’t come close to following my game plan for the week. This leads me to…

Tips, Thoughts and Techniques:

I have one word to wrap up the week – focus. There are times when focus is needed to meet a deadline. There are also times when one becomes so obsessed with a project that it becomes all consuming. My advice is to grab that overriding need to work on a project and hang on. That is precisely what I did this week in my studio, which is why my plan and what I actually did barely align.

1) Pictorial Painting

a) Watch the lesson that demos how to quilt the Canyon piece. – Not done.

b) Quilt "Canyon." – Not done.

2) Express Your Love

a) Do whatever assignment Leah Day comes up with next. – Watched the assignment video and took the first small step. Not a big enough step to photograph.

3) Adoration (Shooting for a deadline of June 1, 2013)

a) Paint the shadows, highlights and fine details necessary to bring the piece to life. – Done!

"Adoration" after the it was painted and inked.

b) Sandwich the quilt. – Done!

A close up of "Adoration".
The brown herringbone stitches are basting stitches.
They will not be removed during the quilting process.

c) Bonus – I ordered the thread I will need to quilt Adoration next week.

4) Signature experimentation

a) Design a new signature motif. – Done. (I’m counting this as my free motion quilting project that allows me to link to Leah Day’s blog.)

I'd love to say that I thought turn the date
90 degrees. However, it seems my sewing
machine stitches numbers and letters from
top to bottom versus from right to left.

5) Plan the next art piece. – Didn’t even give it a thought.

My hunch is that I will continue to focus on Adoration for the week ending May 17. It really depends if I receive the thread by Monday. Fortunately, there are other projects to catch up with should the thread not arrive on time. Therefore, my plan is to start with step 1 unless circumstance force me to start at step 2:

1) Adoration (Shooting for a deadline of June 1, 2013)

a) Quilt Adoration.

b) Square up the piece in preparation for facing.

2) Express Your Love

a) Finish last week's assignment from Leah Day.

b) Do whatever assignment Leah comes up with next.

3) Signature experimentation

a) Design a new signature motif.

4) Pictorial Painting

a) Watch the lesson that demos how to quilt the Canyon piece.

b) Quilt "Canyon."

5) Plan the next art piece.


  1. Wow! It's really coming along and looks fantastic! congrats!

  2. I'm curious, why wont you remove the basting stitches when quilting? Your painting looks really good, almost life like..nice!

    1. That was a typo. It should have read that the basting WOULD be removed during quilting.

  3. i'm really curious to see Adoration once you are done, it looks beautiful already

  4. That is a wonderful quilt. Is it possible that your goals can't be met? There are two kinds of goals. The kind where you can and will meet them as a sort of floor. And the kind where you set impossible goals that you are unlikely to meet. Which kind are you setting?

    1. Not only is it possible, Stella, but it is likely most weeks. Perhaps the term goal is misleading. I do feel it is important to have an idea of what needs to be done, especially what the next few steps are, in order to complete a project. You might note that most of my goals aren't time sensitive. When they are that is because I have particular exhibit I want to enter or a timed family event, such as a baby shower, that I have chosen to make a quilt as a gift. To answer your second question - both. In fact, I have met all my goals except for the ones in the latest blog posting, because each week is a "do over." I start from scratch. I eventually complete everything I set out to do (unless of course I choose to trash it :) ), just not necessarily on the week I hoped to accomplish it.

  5. Those faces are coming to life. I love how it is turning out. Beautiful.