Sunday, January 15, 2012

Machine Quilting with Leah Day - Week 2

This week's assignment was to practice stippling. Leah Day recommended several ways to approach stippling that were new to me. First was to stipple in quadrants. In other words think of the space to be stippled in as a square subdivided equally into four squares. Next she recommended that we practice stippling randomly and in rows.

I am not new to machine quilting and so stippling is part of my lexicon. However, I have never stippled in rows nor had I ever thought to divide a square into quadrants. Although Leah found rows allowed her to stipple more quickly because "she knew where she was going,"I found that rows were more constricting. I worried that the rows could be detected. However, although I could distinguish the rows in Leah's work, I honestly couldn't find them in my own.

I started stippling randomly at the center of the block at the giraffe's head on the right. I filled in the lower right quadrant working my way back to the same giraffe's head. Next I stippled in up and down rows, completing the lower left quadrant. I made sure my final row lead into the upper left quadrant where I practiced random stippling and the upper right was finished in rows again.


  1. Looks great Gwyned! I know the feeling about being self conscious of the row showing up noticeably on the quilt, but as you found with your practice piece - it really doesn't show at all. Any thoughts on whether this was easier or harder than stitching randomly?

  2. Since I have been stitching randomly for years, that comes naturally to me. Rows don't. So, for me random stippling is easier. Since most of my FMQ is done on heavily pieced art quilts I don't have large open spaces to show off heirloom style quilting and don't make traditional bed quilts. When I stipple it isn't in a section that lends itself to rows. I am more likely to use stippling to surround random clouds in a sky. That way the clouds stand out just a bit more and I can stipple around them.

  3. I am like you Gwyned, I have stippled randomly for years and that is what I enjoy. Your piece looks great!

  4. Thank you, Connie. It's clear from my visit to your blog that your FMQ is great, too.