Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Quilting Along with Leah Day - Week 22

Hibiscus Haven
21" H x 24" W

While Leah Day took some much deserved time to focus on her work, I created Hibiscus Haven. Week 22's assignment was the just the impetus I needed to finish Hibiscus Haven by adding the label.

Back Side of Hibiscus Haven

I create all my quilt labels on my ink jet printer. I use pre cut cotton sheets that are backed with a release paper. This way the fabric feeds easily through the printer. It also means that I can have a reasonably small label and still fit everything in that needs to be there for exhibiting my work. 

Mini digression...

Note how the hanging sleeve at the top of the quilt is actually two sleeves with a gap in the middle. This allows a slat to be slipped through the sleeve. Eye screws are added at either side of the slat. Then when the quilt arrives at a gallery it can be hung with nails through the eye screws, with filament line through the eye screws or by stringing picture hanging wire across the slat. The wire would be held in place with thumbtacks where the slat is visible between sleeves. Then the quilt can be mounted to the wall, just like a picture.

Back on Topic...

Close Up of Label for Hibiscus Haven

I follow the same format for labeling all my exhibition quilts. I always put an image of the quilt on the left hand side of the label. The right hand side I start with the title, in italics in a color that is taken from the quilt. Next goes my contact info. I have "erased" this from the image for security purposes. Finally, I put the size of the quilt and the date it was completed.

In the past I would have trimmed the label to size, folded under a hem, pressed the hem, ironed it flat and then sewn the label on the quilt. The point of Week 22 was to starch the hem and fold it over a freezer paper template. Must say I loved how crisp the starch made the edges. I also tried to keep my ladder stitching to the size of seed beads. 

This method worked well for a simple rectangular label. But would it stand up to an odd shape?

Label for Marvels of the Deep

Absolutely! The Marvels of the Deep label is still attached to its freezer paper template. I will be bringing it with me when I go visit the quilt's owner, my granddaughter and sew it on then. Don't you think it is perfect for her quilt?

Marvels of the Deep

Marvels of the Deep is based on Fantasy Fish created by LAM designs. It isn't an actual pattern. It is a collection of shapes that can be appliqu├ęd to a background of your choosing.


  1. It's always fun to see what you have been up to. Once again, you don't disappoint! Beautiful work and great hints! I have utilized that sleeve idea some and have found it to work well, too.

    1. Good to hear from you, Treadlemusic. Thank you for your support and kind words.