Friday, January 18, 2013

Week in Review 2013 - 01/18

My plans for the week ending January 18th were a struggle to meet. Several times this past week I have had to take a deep breath, exhale slowly and remind myself of my own mantra that "Perfection is a journey, not a destination. Let go!"

Several weeks ago at the tender age of 59 I developed a case of eczema. Not a small patch at the elbow, but nearly full body involvement. It took days to build and it is taking weeks of doctor's visits and experimentation with this or that salve and lotion to break the cycle and start to mend. In the general scheme of life this is a minor irritation. However, the time consumed applying meds and the trouble focusing on my work and not the incessant itching has made reaching goals difficult. Under the circumstances I did well. Plus, I have made noticeable improvement this week. Next week has got to be better.

My goals for the week ending January 18, 2013 and how I met them were:

1) Shore's Edge:
The ocean panel from Shore's Edge
The beach panel from Shore's Edge

a) Add the beading to 14 more shells on the beach panel. I am under deadline pressure with this!

Honestly, I lost track. I think I did 12 shells versus 14, but I was hoping to exceed this goal versus fall short.

b) Machine quilt the ocean panel.

Detail of the machine quilting and thread painting used in
the ocean panel. I purposefully only thread painted the shells twice.
I want them to look as though they under an inch of so of water.

Did it!

2) Pictorial Painting - paint the leaf for real. No more practicing!

Did it, even the no more practicing part.
Pictorial Painting
practice piece AFTER
the leaf is painted.
Pictorial Painting
practice piece BEFORE
the leaf is painted

3) Express Your Love - Do the echo/foundation stitching in the globe.

Progress made on Express Your Love as of January 18, 2013
Leah echo stitched the land in her globe using the same white thread that she had outlined it. I figured that if my ribbon could have a turquoise background, why not use lime green variegated thread for the land in my globe. So, that is precisely what I did. I planned to echo stitch the water in blue thread. However, Leah was thinking paint. She painted over her white stitches with green and then painted the water blue and formation stitched on top of the paint. I opted not to paint the land, because I don't have a good green paint. I did paint the water. I didn't have any issues stitching in through the paint.

Detail of the Globe in Express Your Love
My goals for the week ending January 25, 2013:

1) Shore's Edge:

a) Finish beading the remaining shells on the beach panel.
c) Seam the beach panel to the ocean panel using the quilt as you go method.
b) Design the foam section.
d) Start quilting the foam section.

2) Pictorial Painting

a) Watch the next segment of how to paint the Calla Lily piece.
b) Paint the next section as instructed.

3) Express Your Love - Do whatever Leah comes up with next.

Tip/Technique of the week is this YouTube of Ricky Tims demonstrating a novel way to make a single seam, not on the bias, dimensional Flying Geese block.


  1. You are one busy bee! You got a lot more done than I did. I love the quilting in your globe. It gives it marvelous movement. Good luck with your health issues.

  2. You did awesome this week. I love the "ocean" with the pebbling in between the curved lines of stitching. And your shells are great.

    Good luck with the eczema.

  3. I have eczema. It is just the most miserable thing when nothing works. But you will feel better. Then the trick is to catch the first tiny bit when it is still tiny and force it into submission. It can be done. Mostly that is what I do.

    I like what you've done with the Leah Day class project. I'm not doing it, but I love seeing what everyone is up to.

  4. I feel for you on the eczema front. It's extremely frustrating! Everything that is even remotely helpful makes you too sticky to get anything done. I hope this clears up and never comes back.

    Your beach panels are impressive! Love the hand beading.

  5. All 3 projects are awesome. I hope n pray for some relief with the eczema, my oldest daughter has it. and boy can I tell when it flares up.
    I also hope you can meet your deadline.

  6. Thank you Regina, Pat, Stella, MC and Tammy for your kind wishes. These past few days have definitely been better than the prior two weeks. Now that I know I am vulnerable, I plan on heading off any future outbreaks right from the get go. Already I've marked my calendar to start slathering on the hypoallergenic lotion at the beginning of November. My trigger seems to be the cold weather, resulting in dry skin.

    The quilting on the beach panels is based on Leah Day's concept of flowing lines with simple quilting motifs interspersed in the resulting pods. The shells are my own design. I had fun working out line drawings of several different perspectives of an oyster shell. I just started beadwork with my last quilt. I didn't think I would like it, but surprised myself on just how much fun it is to design as I go.

  7. Lovely work...I particularly like the shell under water. Hope your eczema gets better...I have some small patches on my hands which flare up with stress. I should actually go to the doctor but have been avoiding it, but, yes, very irritating and annoying.

    1. Thank you, Karin. Stress is definitely something to avoid. My doctor suggested a fragrance free lifestyle. Last week I substituted fragrance free products for my laundry detergent, soap, shampoo, conditioner. That helped, too.

  8. Your work on Shore's Edge is beautiful. I can't wait to see it finished! The water on your globe is very nice.

    Good luck with your eczema. I've had it off and on for several years. It can be pretty distracting when you are trying to focus on any kind of task. You were very wise to get rid of the fragrances. Avoiding fragrances has really helped me.

    1. I am also eager to see Shore's Edge finished. Since I work only from the vaguest of plans the finished product is a surprise to me. It is a bit like working a jigsaw puzzle without ever having seen the lid.

      As for the eczema - it remains a most frustrating work in progress. I'm guessing another doctor's visit is in order next week.

  9. Lovely work. And good luck with healing!