Friday, December 20, 2013

Weekly Report 2013 - 12/20

Tips, Thoughts and Techniques:

My attempt to capture light and shadow fails.

Did you ever have one of those days when everything goes wrong? Today was one of those days for me. One of the disasters was an experiment gone sadly awry on my latest quilt. I was very tempted not to share this boondoggle, but then I thought it might be edifying to learn that I do make mistakes, sometimes some real bloopers. It isn't the mistake that marks one, but how one copes after the mistake is made. First I do some ranting and whining. Next I might procrastinate, indulging in a computer game or two or twenty until I have calmed down. Finally, I assess the damage and brainstorm ways on how to fix it.  I believe I have a solution that may just hide this nightmare. It is definitely going to be time consuming. Fortunately, I have the time. 

The week wasn't a total washout even if the paint couldn't be washed out. Here is what I accomplished - the good, the disastrous and everything in between:

1) Jazz Trio - finish quilting the background - I finished the floor and backdrop. Then I thought the curtains would look better if I painted them first. WRONG! I did test this theory off quilt first and the test looked good. However, a line of paint to determine that I had mixed the right color was insufficient to get a sense of the overall effect that would be created. Not good at all. 

Jazz Trio with the floor boards and backdrop
successfully quilted and the curtains painted
less than successfully.
This morning I had the brilliant idea to wash the quilt since I hadn't heat set the paint. True a little bit of paint washed out, but not enough to change the appearance one iota. 

2) Leah Day's weekly assignments:

a) Foundation Piecing - 

i) Baste the face to the quilt. - Not yet.

ii) Start piecing the goddess's body "fabric" with the basted hexagons. - Done! I have pieced a little more than 50% of the body "fabric." It is coming along nicely. There is nothing like repetitive hand stitching to sooth one.

b) Free Motion Quilting - I tried two new motifs this week.

The Garden Maze motif reminds me of primitive artwork.

After my painting debacle I was determined to lighten
my mood with something uplifting and easy. The
Open Feather motif done in a fanciful variegated
thread was just the ticket. 

3) Visioning Project - Do the next two assignments from my Photoshop Elements class. - Done! Each lessons includes a couple of projects requiring using some of the tools and settings in Photoshop Elements. This was a fun one.

The original photo provided by the teacher.

The same photo after I had manipulated it by "adding"
four more apples.
Will next week be another nightmare or a Christmas miracle? The answer remains to be seen. One of the advantages of a game plan is that when the going gets tough there are choices, perhaps a slight detour for a scenic view or just gritted teeth and determination to push past obstacles and continue the journey up hill with the promise of a 360 degree vista at the top. My plans for next week include:

1) Jazz Trio - Resolve the curtain debacle.

2) Leah Day's weekly assignments:

a) Foundation Piecing - 

i) Baste the face to the quilt.
ii) Finish  piecing the goddess's body "fabric" with the basted hexagons.

b) Free Motion Quilting

3) Visioning Project - Do the final assignment from my Photoshop Elements class and take the final exam.

4) Enjoy a traditional roast beef dinner on Christmas.

I am now linking up to two blogs on Friday's. The first is Leah Day's Free Motion Quilting Project and the second is Nina Marie's Off the Wall Fridays.


  1. Hopefully the gritted teeth won't be necessary!

    1. Thank you, Margaret. I'm with you. Gritted teeth aren't fun and should be avoided whenever possible.

  2. I don't know just the effect you were going for in the stage, but it works as a stage for me. Stand back, look again, maybe it's okay.
    LeeAnna Paylor

    1. Yes, the curtains do work with you stand about 20 feet back and squint. However, I would like them to work when you stand at gallery distance, about 2 feet from the quilt and the do not work at the distance. Instead it looks like the paint bled - much like the way blue ink travels and refuses to be removed from your favorite white silk blouse in a most obvious front and center place.

  3. I deal with mistakes in much the same manner. Really annoying ones have been known to make me actually WANT to do the dishes. Love those fanciful feathers! They should have improved your mood. They're gorgeous! And truthfully... I must agree with LA Paylor.

    1. So true, Lorna. Tasks that rarely have appeal become oh so much more appealing when we have a major screw up requiring our attention.

  4. Next week will be a Christmas miracle! I love the open feather motif...great job!

    1. Thank you. I have fun playing with ways to interpret Leah's motifs. I have learned to practice on black and that when travel stitching isn't a major factor there is nothing life variegated thread to add a pinch more interest to the piece.

  5. Great job with the apples, Photo shop takes hours of practice to learn new things. I need to get back to it. Merry Christmas