Friday, May 1, 2015

Week in Review 2015 - 05/01

Photo of Little Lake Butt des Morts taken by
the my husband, Dana B. Eagles.
Tips, Thoughts and Techniques:

A question that creative people get asked is, "Where do you get your inspiration?" A common response is "from nature." Although many of my artworks are drawn from nature, including the one that I embarked on this week, I honestly feel it isn't nature that inspires me as much as the curiosity of exploring uncharted territory, at least unexplored by me. Although I don't technically work in a series, I do find that working on one piece will suggest another piece. So it was with Sunrise Over Little Lake Butt des Morts. Ever since I made that piece it has haunted me. What else could I do with the photo taken from our bedroom window overlooking Little Lake Butt des Morts?

I typically begin with a general
blue print of the design. Click on the
image to see an enlarged version. You
will be able to see where I intend to
feature different areas of the sunrise photo.

I decided to answer that question this week as I launched into design mode and began making Deconstructed Sunrise. I was so focused, even fixated, a common state of being when I begin a new project, that breaking away to do anything in the studio other than work on this piece just didn't happen. Here is what I did manage to accomplish:

1) Design and start the next artwork - Done!

2) Free motion quilting practice. - Opted to go with my
obsessive need to work on Deconstructed Sunrise and take a week off from free motion quilting.

3) Post the number of days I have worked in my studio in 2015 - 37/126

4) Perform a random act of kindness - Done!

5) Do some surface design experiments - Not even
on my radar this week. :)

Rather than use a separate fabric for each piece of the quilt,
I have chosen to create log cabin blocks, that will be sewn
together to make new fabric for the pieces to be cut from.
This week I nearly finished the first twenty-five 3" blocks.

I like to use a mix of fabrics I have created myself by dying,
painting and last week inking, with commercial fabrics. I
used the original photo to audition which fabrics to use.
I am anticipating a few construction issues that will require resolving next week. Chances are as I circle around and eventually face these hurdles I will ease into the difficult work with some free motion quilting practice and maybe some surface design play. Whatever I opt to do, I find having a plan, such as the one I have listed for myself, helps ground me when I am feeling stuck or overwhelmed. Here is what I might accomplish next week:

1) Deconstructed Sunrise (Due November 30, 2015) - Continue piecing

 2) Free motion quilting practice.

3) Post the number of days I have worked in my studio in 2015

4) Perform a random act of kindness

5) Do some surface design experiments

I am now linking up to two blogs on Fridays. The first is Nina Marie's Off the Wall Fridays and the second is Free Motion Mavericks.

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  1. Love the photo, Gwynedd. I am really interested in following how your log cabin approach progresses. Your idea is intriguing.