Friday, June 26, 2015

Week in Review 2015 - 06/26

This is a detail from the original sunrise photo
used in Deconstructed Sunrise. Note the shock of yellow
and the blue of the snow on the lake.
Tips, Thoughts and Techniques:

This week I worked on making yellow "fabric."
You get up when? Why? These are questions I get asked frequently when people learn how early I am up each day. I have a theory, never proven or studied as far as I know, that artists are more likely to either stay up later than non artists or get up earlier. This out of synch time with the rest of the population is our "me" time. It is uninterrupted. Other than emergencies you never get calls at 3:00 a.m. I can write my morning pages in peace, ease into my day by checking my e-mail, sneak in a computer game or two (my personal guilty pleasure) and then join my husband for our daily bike ride which starts before the sun rises even on the longest day of the year. :) Oh, those sunrises! They have been spectacular this past week. If only I could capture pictures of them and stay riding. They definitely inspire me to get back to work on Deconstructed Sunrise. Then move on from there to more sunrise infused quilts.

When I wasn't out pedaling like mad for the National Bike Challenge, I found time to work on the following projects:

1) Continue piecing Deconstructed Sunrise - Due November 30, 2015) - Done

2) Free motion quilting practice. - Done 

3) Post the number of days I have worked in my studio in 2015 - 46/126

4) Perform a random act of kindness - Done

5) Do some surface design experiments - No time, sigh.

The finishing technique I used for
Dancing Scissors is one I learned from
Carol Ann Waugh, that she uses on
most of her quilts. I love how it came
out. Any time I use this method
I review Carol's video
6) Finish Dancing Scissors - Done

I believe I have my rhythm back, at least sufficiently to anticipate next week's studio time with eagerness, versus dread. Here are my plans for next week:

1) Continue piecing Deconstructed Sunrise - Due November 30, 2015)

2) Free motion quilting practice. 

3) Post the number of days I have worked in my studio in 2015

4) Perform a random act of kindness 

I am now linking up to two blogs on Fridays. The first is Nina Marie's Off the Wall Fridays and the second is Free Motion Mavericks.


  1. I'm with you on the morning time. I love nothing more than getting up early and sitting on my porch with a cup of coffee listening to the birds and doing some sort of hand sewing. Uninterrupted me time :-)

  2. I like to get up early, but not 3AM. That to me is the middle of the night, but then you probably got to bed early, too. Whatever it is, it works for you and you do produce some wonderful work.

  3. I am up every morning at 4:30, and leave the house about 5:15, but 15 minutes of that time is mine. I sew a few seams, add a few beads, organize my next project, sketch, or just day dream a new idea. I once added hundreds of beads to a project by sewing about 20 beads every morning. You took a beautiful sunrise pic.

  4. I am an early morning person too, but not until 5 am or so. I let my body tell me when to get up as I have the luxury of not having to be out for a job every day.
    So glad you have your rhythm back! It really helps.

  5. I too am a "lark"...for the very reasons you state. I'm awake usually between 4 and 5 -- in part because the cat wants brekky! As a jogger, I need to get out early these days, as it's too hot to go later. As for going to bed? Usually around 9 p.m. unless I have a good book on the go... :-) Love your 'Dancing Scissors' -- great fun and the shapes are so different!

  6. I love the early morning and am at my best from 4:30 on. This does not mean Im up every day at that time, but it has figured in my happiest and most productive hours.