Saturday, October 10, 2015

Week in Review - Mostly in Pictures 2015 - 10/10

It's been a busy week full of conference calls, studio time and travel. My photographer, a.k.a. my husband was unavailable to take pictures as he was away on business. So, I am making due with pictures taken on my iPod. The good news is that Deconstructed Sunrise #3 is fully pieced. It looks great. The bad news is that I can't share a picture yet, because it can't be captured on an iPod. Nevertheless here are a few related pictures as a tease:

Every afternoon the turkey comes by for
easy pickings below our bird feed. This
is my view from the studio. You can tell fall
is coming by the red vine.

In one of those strokes of genius or insanity,
I decided to layer batting behind the three suns
in Deconstructed Sunrise #3. My hope is that this
will result in a rounded, orb effect. Lola, was
just happy to have scraps of batting to perch on
has she watched me work.

Guess watching me work wasn't that stimulating
because she soon passed out.

This is a detail from the backside of Deconstructed
Sunrise #3. If you look closely you can detect the layers
from the lowest, the quilt, through two layers
of batting.

Whenever I work where subtle value shifting is key
I arrange my fabric by hue and then from dark to light.

Next week I promise to share the full front side of Deconstructed Sunrise #3.

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  1. got me....I'm holding my breath.......waiting for your photos.....