Friday, January 20, 2017

Week in Review 2017 - 01/20

This week's studio view
is a study in neutrals. It is
a typical Appleton winter day,
absence of sun, frozen lake
and yes, that is ice on the
brick patio.
Tips, Thoughts and Techniques:

Tempted as I am to open my blog with a black arm band, mourning wreath or a treatise on the history of mourning jewelry, I will refrain. Just as I plan to refrain from tuning into any coverage of the inauguration of our 45th President. There are times, for self preservation, when I prefer the ostrich's approach, to hide my head in the sand. Of course, rather than sand, I hide in the studio and listen to audio books while I work. 

I was speaking with the other grandmother of my granddaughters yesterday. She mentioned her New Year's resolution was to watch more TV. No, that is not a typo. She, her daughter, my daughter-in-law and I have all had to make conscious decisions on how to take time to relax. There are times when working in the studio is relaxing. Certainly I crave creative time. However, for all the joy I get from my work, relaxation isn't the first thing which springs to mind.
I will be adding flowers to
the vines next week. Then
this piece will be done.

Relaxation is the order of the today.  The good news is I have the binding to hand stitch on Where Have All the Flowers Gone? When I tire of that there is a special dance class at the Y. I can't recall the last time I allowed myself to take off midday not to run an errand or do something art related, but just to have fun. 

I am grateful this week, although not one I would categorize as fun, was productive enough as you can see:

1) Continue working on Where Have All the Flowers Gone? - Done!

a) Stitched down the yo-yo flowers;
b) Squared up the quilt to the required size;
c) Made the bias binding; and 
d) Attached it the front of the quilt and pinned it to the back.

2) Pot(s) made this week - Done!

I am finishing up my 4th knitted knocker. Each one is going faster than the last. I barely have to glance at the instructions to recall how to knit each of the phases. Best of all the glaring learning gaffs are nearly nonexistent!

It has been a while since I practiced my
FMQ skills. I thought I would start with
something simple. Leah Day's Trapped Ripples
was just what I needed.
3) Free motion quilting practice - Done!

I was determined to do some simple FMQ practice this week. There is something very soothing about the rhythmic flow of FMQ, especially a pattern like this where it is nearly impossible to quilt yourself into a corner.

4)  Attach a sleeve to Siren's Song - Not yet.

I also started bailing out the studio after two very intense back to back deadlines. Next week I hope to finish picking up. The bare surfaces will be short lived, though. I have a hankering to pull out my scraps and just play. Before I do that I will turn my attention to:

1) Finishing Where Have All the Flowers Gone?

2) Pot(s) made this week

3) Free motion quilting practice

4)  Attach a sleeve to Siren's Song

I am now linking up to two blogs on Fridays. The first is Nina Marie's Off the Wall Fridays and the second is Free Motion Mavericks.


  1. Gwyned, I love your blog and catching up with you every week. I consider myself very disciplined, but you leave me in the dust! Good motivation though.

  2. I looked up knitted knocker (what was this??). What a good thing to do! It does not look like it would take much time and would be such a boon to a woman who needs one. Also your view out the window is stunning. I was watching a program about Faberge eggs. One was designed to look as if it was made of ice crystals (inside was a bouquet of spring flowers) and I was reminded of this beautiful egg when I saw your photo. When I was employed at a job, i had to commute 30 miles everyday (best part of the day) and each day and season was different and beautiful in its way.

  3. Where have all the flowers gone is looking super! Mine is faced and quilted, I'm just trying to finish up a bunch of beading now.... I sympathize with the relaxing issue. I feel so short on studio time that I try to spend every moment I'm not at work or other obligations in there, but while I love it and feel anxious when I'm not there it isn't exactly relaxing....

  4. Art heals. When I'm bummed out, depressed, over the top or out of sorts, art has the ability to bring me back to center - and to do so a whole lot faster than emergency psych meds. The only side effect of art is......a whole lot of art toys filling up the house.

  5. Oh my if your studio view doesn't remind me what a good decision we made moving from our 6 year old 'dream' home in WI, where we had a similar view, to NC where we've fortunately have only experienced one snow storm so far. Saying that will probably be the jinx the weather gods need to send nasty winter! The older I get the less I'm capable of coping with cold weather....such a sissy!! Your time indoors has been very well spent!!

  6. A tough week, even for those of us not in the US but I'm glad you found some peace in your studio.