Friday, March 24, 2017

Week in Review 2017 - 03/24

Now that the clocks have been set
an hour ahead, this is the view
from my studio when I open the
curtains and settling in to work.
Tips, Thoughts and Techniques: 

Some of my favorite childhood memories are of being read to, even after I had learned to read myself. My mother would read Grimm's Fairy Tales, to me and my brother. Many of these are fairy tales we all grew up on. Other books I listened to are more obscure. A favorite, which my third grade teacher read to the class during rest period, was The Trouble With Jenny's Ear. As an adult, I still love being read to, or more precisely listening to audio books. I particularly treasurer stumbling upon a book which takes me by surprise by exceeding my expectations. When you listen and/or read 150 books a year, happening upon a stellar book is uncommon. I admit, I have love of books told from varying perspectives, coming of age stories, and set in high school. No surprise, a favorite is Up the Down Staircase. I can recommend it with zero hesitation. My current "school" genre read is The Most Dangerous Place on Earth. The story is set in a contemporary school system full of privileged students. The strength of the book is how the narrative is carried forward by various characters in turn, the spot on voices of the students, teachers and parents, and the character development.
The two bees needing finishing
touches are the ones without
antennae and stingers.

Yesterday, when it was time to move on to the next book available on my audio list, I wasn't expecting to be captivated by The Most Dangerous Place on Earth. I wasn't even sure why I had placed it on my wait list. I'm so glad I did. Much as I enjoy the repetition which naturally comes with fiber art, it can get boring. Add a good book and it is easy to stay behind the sewing machine outlining bees. Only two more to go and then I can move on to other parts of this project.

Once again, I feel as though I accomplished much this week, but have little to show for it, as my list reflects:

1) Work on the design for Picking Up the Pieces #2 and/or #3 - Done!

I cut out, assembled, fused, outlined and secured twelve more bees and have just the securing of two more left to do. I secure each piece of the bee with satin stitch and while doing so, add the stinger and antennae. Not bad, considering each bee represents approximately 90 minutes of work.  
How the piece looked when
I stopped working on it this week.

2) Finish Picking Up the Pieces #1 - Not Yet

3) Pot(s) made this week - Done!

Those bees have been a great pot making learning experience when it comes to creating small fusible appliqué elements. 

4) Free motion quilting practice - Not this week.

I am eager to move past bees and onto other aspects of this piece, sort of. I am struggling with a banner/label I want to place on the hive. The issue is how to create small legible writing on a curved line. Handwriting the text is out. I've played in Photoshop Elements, EQ 7 and MS Word. I haven't found anything which will allow me to place text on a curved line. If you have a suggestion, I would love to hear it.

When I am not struggling with text options I will turn my attention to:

1) Work on  Picking Up the Pieces #2 and/or #3

2) Finish Picking Up the Pieces #1

3) Pot(s) made this week

4) Free motion quilting practice

I am now linking up to two blogs on Fridays. The first is Nina Marie's Off the Wall Fridays and the second is Free Motion Mavericks.


  1. I listen to audio books all the time also. It seems as if I, the inveterate reader, can no longer read. I don't understand why not but there it is. What is your source of audio books? I belong to a local library site from which you can download books. They have a pretty good selection-I cannot complain as it is free but I wish for a bit more. Love your bees!

  2. Sorry..but I'm not "getting" the piece with the bees. Your skill and execution are wonderful, but it is not yet 'connecting' with whatever there is within me that is supposed to relate to it. I will keep watching!

    I remember "Up the Down Staircase" as a movie. I can't remember reading it (I may have) but I definitely remember the film. It was quietly powerful. You might seek it out some time if you've not already viewed it. ( It came out when I was 15 which is...well...50 years ago!!!!!! And yet, I am pretty sure the story -- as all good ones are -- is timeless. Best to you for the week!

  3. I understand​ your problem with boredom. I like watching familiar movies, or simple programs while appliquing! Or working on old sewing machines. It's company, but not demanding. Up the Down Staircase was a fav of mine, the book. Lately, my husband likes to read aloud while I work. Tom Clancy novels are his thing. Print out your letters on clear wrap, and twist them? Take care!